17 | 05 | 2021
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Fixed Track System for High Speed Trains

M2D laser scanners optimize the manufacturing process of prefabricated concrete components with an accuracy of 0,1 mm

The highest manufacturing quality for the manufacturing of track supporting layers can be realized by the integration of laser scanners into the manufacturing process. The flexible software which is customized to the requirements of the customer handles measurement and control tasks in a reliable way and ensures the required production quality with shorter cycle times compared to a tactile measurement system.

Reduce production costs due to shortened measurment times

The raw part measurement of a track supporting layer with tactile sensors requires approximately 15 minutes for approaching a minimum quantity of reading points. After the mounting of the facility with two M2 laser scanners the required time for the measurement to move through the whole track supporting layer is less than 2 minutes, with measurement of more than 200 reading points. The accuracy is 0,1 mm. The recorded measured values are the groundwork for the subsequent grinding process.


Optimisation of the grinding process

The scanner software has a twofold importance for the grinding process: Through the digital output (profibus) of the industrial PC iControl the programmable logic controller receives the necessary measurement parameter for the system control. Through the Ethernet interface of the iControl the CNC-device is controlled which is necessary for the grinding process. The scanner software is able to simultaneousely handle one, two or more interfaces.

Track supporting layer during the handling of a CNC machinery which is supported by laser scanning.

The measurement operations in the MEL software of the industrial PC are initiated by the programmable logic controller. Reciprocally the programmable logic controller receives all parameter for the steering of the grinding tool. Set up once and parametrized the software is working maintenance free in continuous operation.


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